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Real Life Lego Car

By Vecie78 @NeverSayCool
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Published on December 20th, 2013 | by neversa3


Real Life Lego Car

A roadster realised with classical Lego pieces. Its engineers, an australian entrepreneur and a rumanian constructor. Almost 18 months to build it up and something like 500,000 pieces. Compressed Air engine that moves around 256 pistons.

And the car really moves. the Super Awesome Micro Project (SAMP), has been developed by the Australian inventor Steve Sammartino, with the help of the rumanian constructor Raul Oaida. The cost? 30,000 Euros.

The two partners have ideated and realised the project meeting each other and communicating only over the web. To make it happen, they have launched a crowd-funding campaign through Twitter, and they got an huge success. As said, SAMP is equipped with a compressed air system able to transform 256 pistons in 4 rotative engines, also made by Lego elements. The car can reach the speed of 20-30 KmH, to respect some kind of safety, and it is obviously not made just by Lego pieces, as tanks, tyres and commands had to be specifically built for the project.









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