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The Science Behind The ACV Drink

By Vecie78 @NeverSayCool
The Science Behind The ACV Drink

Women across the nation have been forcing down apple cider vinegar in hopes to drop pounds but is there any research behind this? It seems every year there is a new diet fad and this year it happens to be apple cider vinegar or ACV as many have come to call it. ACV is a vinegar made from mashed apples and fermented with yeast. Some claim that just a few cap fulls a day can trim inches from your waistline.

One alternative medicine expert claims that you should drink a cap or two of ACV before each meal because it will help break down your food. ACV also has a few vitamins and minerals but the claims have many doctors calling foul.

According to them there have only been a handful of studies performed and if it truly worked as well as many claimed then weight management clinics and companies would long be out of business. The only recent study was performed in Japan and involved only a very small group. The results showed only minor weight loss and that was only after taking ACV with every meal for over 3 months.

People have and will continue to look for some miracle cure for obesity but often ignore the simple tasks of exercise and meal management said one doctor. Another doctor warned that this could actually be dangerous depending on your health condition and could adversely alter the blood sugar in diabetic patients.

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