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“Workout In A Bottle”

By Vecie78 @NeverSayCool
“Workout In A Bottle”

What sounds crazy is actually becoming reality. According to reports, a pill that mimics exercise has been making substantial progress over the past few years. Leading researchers in the field have said that we may be much closer than we think to being able to get results similar to exercising.

According to them, our body goes through over a thousands different changes on the molecular level while performing exercise. By painstakingly going through each and everyone of these changes they then tried to see if they could find a way to trigger each of the changes on their own without using exercise. While some drugs can currently trigger some of these changes they are still many more that need to be created and tested as well as isolate and remove any unwanted side effects. In order to do this they say that the drug would most likely need to target the body on a molecular level as well as certain pathways with control metabolism and muscle maintenance.

Their ultimate goal is to find natural compounds that will bring the desired results and then isolate these compounds until they have achieved a drug that will produce the same changes that the body undergoes. While they still may be a ways out from a final product, the researchers believe that they have made substantial progress and that the end goal is very achievable. So while you can't go to your fridge today and drink your exercise, it may be coming sooner than you think.

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