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Real-life Hidden Object Picture!

By Glenn Waterman

screen1How I do love thee, hidden object picture games? Let me count the ways. I’ve got a million of them. For hours I stare at picture after picture, stuffed to the incognito with all manner of hidden animal, vegetable and inanimate things. And I find them. They can blend in, but they can’t hide forever.

Yes, it can be daunting. Yes, it can be frustrating. That’s part of the game, the challenge. As difficult as it is to try your eye at a hidden object picture game, there’s no greater joy than peering at the head of an old man in the corner and realizing hey, wait a minute, that’s not gray hair … that’s the tiny image of a gray 1952 Studebaker four-door sedan parked on his bald spot! Tap on that sucker … you are mine, no longer lost but found!

So, imagine my surprise to see the fiction of a hidden object picture become reality recently. All thanks to a circus in Bitburg, Germany. Seems one of the performers escaped and tried a hidden object picture ploy to evade the chasing police. What follows, in glorious true-life color, is a photograph.

hidden picture
OK now, take a look, a real close look, and find the hidden object.

Nooooo, that’s not a clown behind the wheel of the car at left. Nice try. Look again.

Nooooo, there’s no two-ton black rhino lurking in the shadows of the trailer up the street. Look harder.

Sigh. That is not a pink elephant floating above the cars in front of the building in the way background. Put down the drink, put on your glasses and really LOOK this time!

I’m waiting.

Please. Those are street lights. Freaking giraffes are not that skinny.

All right, all right. A hint. Stripes. In the road. LOOK AT THE STRIPES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!

Don’t play this game much, do you?

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