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Real Life Anecdotes About Marriages

Posted on the 16 October 2019 by Lifecoachbloggers

I had been to one of my close relative's marriage last evening. In the marriage hall, I had to smile at many strangers whom I don't even know. For instance, my wife.Marriages are made in heaven. why don't these couples also make kids in heaven itself so that the earth is saved from over population? I shouldn't be talking about it, though.My 4 year old son is upset with me. Last evening, while glacing through my marriage photo album, he realized that he is not in it, he said, "Dad, I am upset because you never invited me for your marriage". I said, "Don't worry, I will invite you next time when I get married." He, "Do that, otherwise I will never talk to you"My three year old son doesn’t seem to understand the concept of marriage. He thinks marriage is all about getting gifts. Recently, we had been to a marriage and he saw the couples getting big boxes of gifts. He turned towards me and said, “Dad, shall we get married? After marriage give all toy gifts to me”There are certain things in life that are beyond human possibilities. Last evening I was watching my marriage ceremony recorded video. No matter how much I rewind, it stops right on the day of the marriage.After Marriage, I had two options in life. 1) Be quiet 2) Be quiet. Though, initially, I had tough time choosing one of the above generous options, after serious considerations I opted for the second because the first option is little difficult to live by.I came across a self-book titled "This book will change your life" and I didn't buy it as my life has already changed after marriage. I can't undergo another catastrophic change in such a short span.

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