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Real Life Anecdote About CDs and Pendrives

Posted on the 16 October 2019 by Lifecoachbloggers
I'm very happy that the CDs are now replaced with pen drives. I still remember, one of those days, I dropped a CD, by accident, on the floor and when I tried to pick it using one of my one fingers, it slowly started sliding sticking to the floor, instead of getting picked. So, I struggled, use all my 3-4-5 fingers, other hand's fingers, use palms, only to see the CD slide even faster and faster. I got fed up, but came up with a strategy; I thought, I'll slide the CD, take it to one corner of the wall, get grip by pressing the CD against the wall, insert my finger nail along the sides of the CD and pick it. Guess what happened when I did this? Earlier it was sliding across the floor, and now it is sliding, slipping along CORNER the wall. At one point, I gave up and took help of my brother. To my shock, instead of picking the CD, he continued sliding the CD from where I left, covering the other portions of the floor and corners of the wall around the house. That's when I seek God, "Oh god, isn't there a solution AT ALL for this?" Puff...."Pendrive!"

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