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  • West Knoxville Homes For Sale – Why Do Some Deals Fall Apart?

    West Knoxville Homes Sale Some Deals Fall Apart?

    After looking at countless West Knoxville homes for sale, you’ve finally found the perfect one. It can feel like you’ve finally reached the finish line. Read more

    The 09 November 2016 by   Knoxvillehometeam
  • Helpful Tips For House Hunting?

    Helpful Tips House Hunting?

    Over the past week, we began our search for a home! It has proven to be challenging and there are a lot of new things we haven't had to consider before. Read more

    The 08 April 2014 by   Wifessionals
  • Advice You Shouldn’t Take

    Advice Shouldn’t Take

    When it comes to buying or selling a Knoxville home, there is a great deal of advice out there. Everywhere from friends to family members to the guy serving... Read more

    The 07 April 2014 by   Knoxvillehometeam
  • How Realtors and Homeowners Use Blogging to Sell Homes

    Realtors Homeowners Blogging Sell Homes

    Blogging isn’t just a way to share your thoughts about life, the universe, and everything. Businesses have effectively used it to sell a products and services. Read more

    The 03 April 2014 by   Dfennell
  • How To Make A Small Room In Your Knoxville Home Appear Larger

    Make Small Room Your Knoxville Home Appear Larger

    Everyone Knoxville homeowner has one room in their home that is small and difficult to decorate. Whether you’re in process of getting your Knoxville home ready... Read more

    The 02 April 2014 by   Knoxvillehometeam
  • New Construction POP QUIZ

    Construction QUIZ

    With such a shortage of homes available for sale, more people are thinking about new construction again. Test your knowledge with this short quiz from the Real... Read more

    The 21 March 2014 by   Homesmsp
  • Look Better...and Be Priced Better

    Look Better...and Priced Better

    Buyers often look at dozens of homes before making a decision to buy. If you are a seller, how do you make yours the one they choose? Once buyers who are ready... Read more

    The 07 March 2014 by   Homesmsp
  • A Plethora of Tips for Homebuyers

    Plethora Tips Homebuyers

    Here are links to a plethora of blog posts with tips and information for home buyers... contact me with other questions, or suggestions for a blog post you woul... Read more

    The 03 March 2014 by   Homesmsp
  • Frost Free Faucets

    Frost Free Faucets

    Most homeowners in Minnesota know it’s important to ‘winterize’ the outside faucets to prevent them from freezing, because freeze damage can destroy the faucet... Read more

    The 04 February 2014 by   Homesmsp
  • 5 Crucial Tax Deductions

    Crucial Deductions

    Read more

    The 03 February 2014 by   Knoxvillehometeam