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Real Estate Realtor Listing Facebook Apps

Posted on the 27 July 2011 by Bhasunjaya

If you are a realtor and on the real estate bussiness, HAR got something interesting for you. The ShowMyListings on Facebook apps. Basically It allows you to display and promote your listings on your Facebook Page.

With the ShowMyListings app, you no longer need to manually post each of your listings on your facebook page. It is a really good news for you who already put homes for sale on your facebook page. You don’t have to put it manually anymore.

By having this application install to your tab, your friends, family and real estate clients can see up to three randomly selected listings, clicking any of which will bring them directly to your listings page.


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How To Sell Your Real Estate

You have to become a member first. REALTORS is a organization of real estate professionals which enganged on every aspect of the industry, including residential and commercial sales and leasing, appraisal, property management and counseling.

It is a two-step process: first you will need to create a Facebook business page. Then
you will need to add the MyListings app to your business page on Facebook. Yes, you have to create a Facebook business page if you dont have one yet. Then go to the Facebook app url, there are couple of steps you have to do there.

This tool will allow HAR members to automatically have their listings posted to their Facebook Business Page. This helps you stay in compliance with Facebook Terms of Use, which state that you cannot use a profile page for business purposes. That’s what the business page is for.

This Organization at least have members around 25,000. Founded in 1918, HAR is also the second largest local association/board of REALTORS in the United States.

If you are having problems with the app, you can leave a message on their facebook wall page, they are preaty responsive.
Good luck with you as realtors estate.

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