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Ready to Adopt Again

By Momatlast @momatlast

Ready to Adopt Again: Is it Easier the Second Time?

Bringing new life into a family is often an exciting and fulfilling time. Unfortunately, it can also be filled with stress and difficulties—especially for those who are considering adoption. For many families, the pressures associated with adoption are managed with much greater ease the second time around. To ensure success in the adoption process when adding a second child to the family, be sure to consider which path to take, how to prepare, and ways in which the news will be shared.
Adopting Multiple Times
What Path to Take

When it comes to adopting a child, deciding which path to take—or how the child will be obtained—is often one of the most difficult steps. Without a doubt, there are a number of different types of adoption, and thus nearly as many potential paths in the process as well. According to Adoptive Families, many parents choose to adopt a child from a culture similar to that of their other minors. And while this may be an effective way to promote greater understanding and sensitivities, it may not always be necessary. In fact, some experts suggest that children can thrive in environments that are much different from their native lands, and do not necessarily need another face similar to theirs to ensure success.

How to Prepare

Once parents have decided on a specific path when it comes to the pursuit of a second adoption, they must begin preparation for the arrival of the child. As with most second-time parents, this process is often much more carefree than it was the first time around! However, sharing the news of a new arrival to older siblings can sometimes pose a bit of a problem to parents who have never gone through this process before. Research shows that in most cases, less is more when it comes to preparing children for the arrival of a brother or sister—six weeks is typically considered to be best.

Sharing the News

Though preparing siblings for the arrival of a new child is important, alerting friends, family members, and close co-workers is also considered to be crucial. However, second-time adoptive parents are often cautioned to be careful when it comes to choosing with whom this news will be shared. For example, those who were positive and supportive in regards to the first adoption should be notified in a reasonable amount of time. Individuals who portrayed doubt or skepticism about the success of the adoption may fare better by being “left in the dark” until the arrival of the child.

More Tips and Recommendations

So, what is the truth behind our original question? Is it easier to adopt the second time around—or not? Most adoptive parents agree that while some parts of a second adoption do pose fewer hassles than the first, there are still substantial challenges that must be faced. Working with a supportive family, friends, and legal aids can often make the difference between a successful adoption, and one that is stressful and worrisome.

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