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Ready for Spring in Pretty Pastels

By Verybusymama @verybusymama
We may be ready for spring, but spring isn't being too kind. It's bloody cold here these days and Easter Sunday it was gray and rainy. Booooo!
However, there are warmer moments and when that does happen, I am the first to dress the part. For starters I hate wearing socks and I'm tired of bulky jackets and sweaters — so I'm thrilled when I can lighten the load.
Saturday I took Little M to a birthday party and since Little L was staying home for some quality papi-daughter time I took that chance to wear a necklace AND a scarf. Go me! 
As you know, having a newborn means no jewelry or anything they can tug at — so my accessories have consisted of mostly burping cloths.
I'm still wearing maternity jeans, however I have taken them to the sewing machine and tightened up the sides and folded the tummy band down then used a glue gun to hold together both parts making my jeans more like slimming leggings/jeans and less maternity. 

Ready for spring in pretty pastels

Flats: Clarks | Maternity Jeans: Old Navy | Mint Bag: Steve Madden via Burlington Coat Factory
Trench: CAbi | Grey T-Shirt: Target | Mystical Waters Scarf: Fraas
White Turquoise Pendant: Ruth Barzel | Renegade Bracelet: Stella & Dot

Ready for spring in pretty pastels

Mystical Waters Scarf by Frass (review) and White Turquoise Pendant by Ruth Barzel (review)
I've never been a big fan of pastels, I feel they wash me out and make me look bigger on the bottom (you won't be seeing me in mint or blush skinnies — no way!) — but I'm slowing incorporating a few items into my wardrobe to see how I like them. 

If you aren't sure either but want a ligher look for spring, then start with simple accessories such as a scarf, bag or a necklace. I have even changed up my makeup going for a softer and less dark look using Neutrogena products which I find are subtle and light.  My suggestion before heading out to shop, clean out your closet first — you may find you already have a few items that you can mix and match for this season, like scarves, simple tees or even that old trench you didn't think you'd wear again. Dust them off and rock them out!
What are your thoughts on pastels this spring? Anything you have your eye on?
Disclosure: Fraas Scarf and White Pendant sent to me for review. No other compensation given.

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