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Reading List: My Book List Part 1

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
When i left university after doing 5 years of study i found that i started to read more books on a variety of subjects as i can tell you anyone who goes through university will gain a certain mind set were you have to keep learning new and interesting stuff because of how you develop your skills through university life and nearly everyone i know has the same problem.
 When you spend an amount of time doing academic work you get in to a mind set were you want to keep expanding your skills and learning as you find that if you don't you feel really stupid. We are all wired differently but when you work in such a creative and academic place you will gain a quest to want to learn as much as you can as you will find that it serves you well in the future.
Since leaving university i have gained a large collect of books and thought i would share a book list that i think everyone should own: I have included links to amazon were you can buy them. plus if you buy from this link i get a cut of the sale meaning that you are helping yo support this blog.
Book 1:
Beginners Get . . . Sorted: Over 140 simple, tasty recipes that take the fuss out of food  At £10 this book is great and i suggest it at anyone who loves cooking 
Book 2: Sorted: A rookie's guide to crackin' cooking - cookbook  This is another sorted food book  that i would recommend and its only £10   Book 3: Sorted - A Recipe for Student Survival: Student Cookbook  This book saved me through university and  this is a must for every student. Best £10 spent... 
Book 4:  The Hobbit  This book is only £4 and it is the best book for when  you have a long train journey. you have to  buy it as it is just great... enough said... 
Book 5 Assassin's Creed: Renaissance  £6 for this book and if you enjoyed the assassins  creed games you will enjoy this book.
Book 6:
Assassin's Creed: Forsaken £4 for this book and and it is a good read and goes well with the latest game 
So that concludes this post and i will be posting another list soon.
Thanks for reading and supporting the blog. 

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