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Reading and My New Year’s Resolutions

By Joyweesemoll @joyweesemoll

Graphic for New Year's Resolution Reading ChallengeHave you seen the New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge yet? Read books to support your resolutions. Since I’m hosting it, it would probably be a really good idea to sign up for it myself, eh? Also, a really good idea to sign up at the highest level, Passionate, which is four books between now and the end of January. Four books isn’t too many, especially since they are books that support the things I most want done in the next year.

Resolution 1. Figure out maintenance. I’ll be ending 2012 at roughly the same weight I started. But when I started 2012, I wasn’t sure if this was my maintenance weight. Maybe I could push it lower. Maybe I would decide I needed more of something in my life and would accept a higher maintenance weight to allow for it. Now, I know. The weight I’m at is within the 5-pound range that I intend to maintain.

cover of Thin for Life by Anne Fletcher
One of the reasons I’ve been so reluctant to declare myself in maintenance is that I don’t know how to do it. I’ve spent three years learning how to lose 70 pounds. But what do you do when the drama of watching the scale number go down goes away? I hope to find some answers while reading these two books:

  • Thin for Life by Anne Fletcher
  • Smart Chefs Stay Slim by Allison Adato

Resolution 2. Think deeply about what comes next. I didn’t put my life on hold to lose weight. Even so, I seem to want something to happen now, a new focus or direction or way of being. I’m not sure what. This is a very nebulous resolution.

Reading and my New Year’s Resolutions
Oddly enough, I found two perfect e-books to support this resolution that I can’t quite state in words, 2013 Create Your Incredible Year by Leonie Dawson. I learned about it from Kim at I’m Not the Nanny: 2012 Rocked! Now Let’s Make 2013 Incredible! I was curious last January when she wrote about 2012 Creating My Goddess Year: My New Goddess Habit: Unplugging. Now, it’s the end of 2012 and Kim is convinced last year’s workbook helped her so she’s already started on the 2013 version.

I was a little worried, looking at Leonie Dawson’s site, that this would be the sort of thing that I couldn’t benefit from unless I sent my cynicism to the corner for the duration. So, I started with her freebie e-book, Blogging & Biz Star Workshop. I loaded it on my tablet and took it to the car dealer this morning for an oil change that turned into a longer deal with belt replacement added in. And, I had a blast reading through the book and jotting down the many ideas it generated. Admittedly, my cynicism tends to curl up behind the Christmas tree with a mug of hot chocolate this time of year, so I was more open than I might have been at another time. 2013 Create Your Incredible Year is going to work just fine for me in my festive holiday and fresh new year sort of mood.

I’ll probably work through both the Life and Business Editions of the workbooks, but I’m going to count them as one book for the purpose of the New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge. So, here’s book 3:

  • 2013 Create Your Incredible Year by Leonie Dawson

Resolution 3. ???????. I’m holding open my third resolution and fourth book for this challenge in case some of you come up with something that I really want to read. In tomorrow’s Weekend Cooking post, I’m going to ask that crowd for their ideas on books to support resolutions like “take my cooking to the next level” and “try new recipes.” On Saturday, I’ll poll the Saturday Snapshot folks for books to support the resolution “improve my photography.”

I’m open to other ideas as well. What book-supported resolutions have you found satisfying?

Please join us at the New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge! It’s going to be a great way to end 2012 and start 2013!

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