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By Tonicnutrition1


Thought I’d do a little overview of what I ate yesterday. So I’m trying to achieve a few things with my diet at the moment. I’m training so I need enough energy for that, also I want to lose this last few lbs! Also I’m battling with my Gilbert Syndrome at the moment. I’m not feeling too bad but I know it’s there so I’m eating fully raw at the moment and I’m feeling better already.

Breakfast was a liter of green smoothie with lacuma, maca, hemp protein powder, berries and banana. Lunch was a huge mixed salad with cayenne tofu mayo. Dinner was a massive bowl of zoodles, tomatoes, onion in a peanut butter and coconut satay sauce. I had a few squares of dark chocolate and a black forest smoothie around 8pm for a snack.

With this I achieved 700% of my vitamin A and C, around 60 – 70% of my iron and calcium. All of my fiber needs and also all of my protein needs. I also got in my essential fats too.

No hunger unless it was meal time, no cravings and tonnes of energy.

What are you trying to achieve at the moment?


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