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Burn Fat for a Good Nights Sleep

By Tonicnutrition1

Many people who have taken the Tonic H.E.A.L Academy Beat Sugar ecourse have reported that they now sleep much better. It’s common for someone with blood sugar imbalance to have disturbed sleep and wake frequently through the night. Here’s an explanation as to why that might be:

When your body is craving carbs and sugar, you tend to rely on this for energy – which is a very short lived energy supply as they burn really quickly which creates a high, then a low in your energy.

A properly nourished body with stable blood sugar will burn fat at rest – and while you sleep. In fact your ability to sleep through the night depends on this very ability to burn fat as fuel – not carbohydrate. Fat is a very long lasting fuel which can keep you going for at least 8 or 9 hours – which is around how long you should be sleeping for ideally.

If your body is not used to burning fat – only sugars and other quick burning carbs – you will find yourself waking every few hours. This is your body running out of energy to get you through the night. So essentially your body wakes you to look for food.

If you want to try the Beat Sugar ecourse the full details are at It’s really fun and we have a great support group of students over in the Clients Only area. The healing results are great too because training your body to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs will really kick off a great weight loss if you need it.

Burn Fat for a Good Nights Sleep

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