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Raw Carob Red Currant Chocolates! Vegan & Gluten-free Too! :)

By Sophies Foodie

Today, I invented these tasty Vegan Gluten-Free carob red currant chocolates! Ooh yes! They melt in the mouth. They are a bit sweet with the carob powder & Medjool dates in them & now & then, you can taste a hint of sourness of the fresh red currants. The red currants come from my allotment! ;) They make an ideal food gift too! ;) MMM!


A Yummy interior!

A Yummy interior!

Recipe: For 12 larger chocolates


75 gr solid organic unrefined coconut oil, not melted yet

2 tablespoons raw carob powder

2 tablespoons water

70 gr finely chopped pitted Medjool dates

60 gr ripe, cleaned, red currants, no stalks & stems please!


1. Take your food processor & place fitted S-blade in. Add chopped dates, water & carob powder.

2. Now, in a medium bowl, scoop out the pot your coconut oil. Place it on a fitted cooking pot & pour some water in the cooking pot below. Place your coconut oil bowl over the top & let the water come just to the boil, but the water must not touch the bowl with coconut oil in it. This is called: au-bain-marie. When the water comes to the boil, lower your heat to a good simmer. The coconut oil will start to melt & with a spoon, spoon it around the bowl. Let it completely melt. Turn heat off & carefully pour your melted hot coconut oil into the rest of the mix. Now, place lid on & pulse until it is very well mixed in. Now, add your red currants. Place lid back on & pulse or mix it again & again. Now, taste. You must taste the sweetness of the dates & carob flavor too! You can also taste the yummy ripe a bit sour red currants from time to time. That is what you want! ;)

3. Take fancy silicon mini muffin mats & fill the holes completely with the chocolate-berry mix. I could fill 12 holes. Place into the freezer for at least 1 hour to set. Then, when you want to eat one, flip it over with your hands & you will see a nice flower pattern on top! Yes, yes! Enjoy, straight away or wait 5 minutes but no longer because the coconut oil in your chocolate will start to melt again at room temperature! Enjoy just like that, hop into your mouth or with a nice cold vegan café latte or with a lovely tea. They make an ideal food gift. Store them in the freezer! ;) MMM!

Raw carob red currant chocolates! Vegan & gluten-free too! :)
Raw carob red currant chocolates! Vegan & gluten-free too! :)

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Raw carob red currant chocolates! Vegan & gluten-free too! :)

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Raw carob red currant chocolates! Vegan & gluten-free too! :)
Raw carob red currant chocolates! Vegan & gluten-free too! :)

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