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RANT // Fake Persona's and Labels

By Mollylouise

RANT // Fake Persona's and Labels

So "Emo"

1) Emo - I didn't even think labelling yourself as 'emo' was a thing anymore but I'm afraid so. Just because you wear black make-up and listen to alternative music doesn't automatically classify you as emo.
2) I'm so depressed - Depression is a serious mental health problem and because you were sad for a couple days does not suggest you have depression. You may 'feel' depressed and useless but you probably aren't/ Depression is being sad for a prolonged period of time normally with suicidal thoughts or self harm involved. A day or two of sadness is not depression.
3) Bully - If someone says something nasty it doesn't make them a bully. A bully is someone who goes out of their way to harass and intimidate. One nasty comment doesn't make a person a bully. What is bully is calling a person a bully when they're not - it's slander. People like to throw this word around especially at school.
4) Anxiety - I think people play the anxiety card way too much. Everyone has anxiety, it's natural. It's a good thing and a bad thing. When I was at school people played it to get out of doing class discussion and activities. I have quite bad anxiety but I never withdrew myself because of it.
5) I'm an insomniac - One or two bad nights does not give you a sleeping disorder. Again like depression it's a problem which stretches out over a prolonged period time.
Insomnia - the struggle to sleep or stay asleep.
6) Slut/Slag - 
RANT // Fake Persona's and Labels

RANT // Fake Persona's and LabelsDefinitely a girl favourite, they love to use this word to attack people. Do they really understand the meaning of the word? Just because they may have had a few boyfriends doesn't mean people should use derogatory terms to classify a woman nor her sexual life.
Those were just some of the terms people label themselves or others. This really should stop it is certainly not helping anybody. It's just a way to make people feel bad about themselves and the people who use these words to describe themselves is just saddening whether it's fake or not. What irritates me massively is that people label themselves as a group like 'emo' just because they feel that it is considered cool. We as society pin people to a label based on appearance opposed to who they really are such as geek, goth, emo, freak, jock etc. We hate it when people judge us because maybe we have crooked teeth and wear glasses but does that make us a nerd? No. Does it show our intellect? No. Of course there is positive labels as well as the negatives but the negatives are taken to extreme levels. I think of labels as something that sells you and if you are labelled negatively you feel like damaged goods and that doesn't feel good at all or does it empower you to achieve.
Fake persona's have been around since forever but it's obvious when you know someone is a certain way and doesn't act that way behind a computer screen. I feel like screaming whenever I flick through social networking sites. I hate that people act a different way online to gain more followers and friends, that's not how those websites work. When I was in Year 9 there was a massive outbreak of fake Facebook profiles made by Year 8's all in aid to harass and stalk and just in general make some enigma. Yes, it made those people popular but definitely didn't shine a positive light on them. It's really quite pathetic really. I'm sure genuine personalities are what makes you connect with someone.
I just need to stop before I go off on a tangent.
RANT // Fake Persona's and Labels

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