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Ransom Malware Locks Windows Computers

Posted on the 30 May 2012 by Visakh1234
Ransom Malware also known as cryptoviruses, cryptotrojans or cryptoworms is a type of scareware Trojan that locks the system and makes your computer unusable unless a fee is paid. Initially it was popular in Russia but now it spread across Europe with the latest thread targeting Swiss, German and Austrian users. spotted a ransom that literally “locks” a user’s computer due to pirated content such as mp3s, movies, documents and photos that were illegally downloaded from pirate websites. It infects the computer trough possible web-browser vulnerabilities or third party applications including Adobe Flash player and Java.
The latest Ransom malware could be purchased from underground forums at a relatively cheap price. Finally, it could be used by cyber criminals in order to infect computers and make profit out of it. The scareware displays fake messages by Metropolitan Police.  To unlock the computer a payment of 100$ transferred via Paysafecard is required. It also displays the IP address and Hostname of the victim making situation look real.
Protect your computer by installing anti-malware software Ransom Malware Locks Windows ComputersThe same message is displayed in other languages, which changes according to the user’s IP address. (Image by
Web applications that are not up to date risk the ransom Trojan being executed on their system. Protect your computer by installing anti-malware software and performing frequent updates which decrease the chance of being infected.

Guest Article by Dimitri Hrusha - I.T. Director at VikingPC
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