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How to Choose Perfect Tiles for Your Interior

Posted on the 20 July 2015 by Visakh1234
Tiles are manufactured by mixing raw materials available in nature such as clay, sand, stone etc to form what is generally available in the market- Ceramic, vitrified and porcelain. These are available in different finishes-such as matte, glossy, glazed or unglazed upon heating at high temperature.
How to choose perfect tiles for your interior
Tiles find application in roofing, flooring, cladding of walls, showers and for exteriors such as basements and swimming pools. Here we will look into perfect flooring materials for your interior-namely kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, drawing room and exterior.When it comes to selecting the right material for your interior- one should look into these three factors1.Finishes2.Durability3.heavy or less traffic Other factors that decides in selecting the right tiles would be cost-effectiveness and environment friendly materials and also availability of sizes.  Tiles are available in different sizes -common sizes available are 300x600mm, 300x200mm, 250x350mm. Selecting the right size according to the shape of the interiors matters. For example a small interior space of a kitchen having 15 sq.ft going for tiles that are bigger in dimensions is practical.For Drawing room:One should choose tiles that are abrasion-resistant, as drawing room is the main area of your home that takes the maximum traffic. With heavy traffic the color and texture worn out if a normal tile is selected. One may go for textured or matte finished tiles depending on the mood and the color palette of your interior space. How to choose perfect tiles for your interiorThings to keep in mind: Go for abrasion resistant tiles, stain resistant tiles, scratch resistant, anti skid and highly durableFor Bathroom:For bathrooms choose tiles that are water resistant, which necessarily does not mean they are water-proof. One may choose tiles that are light in color in case your bathroom space is less. How to choose perfect tiles for your interiorThings to keep in mind: Choose tiles that have water absorption rate of less than 3%, Choose tiles that doesn't slip or skid. You may also go for tiles that are joint-free.Design inputs: To make your space appear bigger-choose tiles that are light in color that reflects a lot of light internally, going for tiles that mimic natural textures such as sand or stones adds lot of freshness and elegance to the space. For Bedroom: Bedrooms is one of the main space in your home that needs a lot of attention to design details, One may use tiles that are light and not so bright. Adding up textured tiles on walls and floors gives a natural feel to individuals to step into the room.  How to choose perfect tiles for your interiorThings to keep in mind: These spaces experiences less traffic-so one may go wild with selection of a variety of tiles. Choose tiles that are stain proof and go for natural finishes.For Kitchen: Kitchen is one of the space where more than design details functionality falls in place. Choose ceramic or porcelain tiles as they are non-porous and do not absorb stain. 
How to choose perfect tiles for your interiorThings to keep in mind: Choose tiles that are scratch resistant and chemical resistant.

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