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Random Wedding Week-Wednesday -Decorating Mantles

By Afcpam @Yes

Often, wedding venues have fireplaces.  Most times, the brides “want something on the mantle”.  Today I am featuring a few  mantles that we have decorated.  Which one is your favorite?  Did you have a fireplace/mantle at your wedding or reception site?  How was it decorated?  Please share your pictures with me to post in a future blog.  Send images, along with photographer credit, to [email protected]

The Carnegie Hotel in Johnson City, Tennessee, has a ballroom that is ornate and one of our favorites in the area.  The fireplace served as the altar for the ceremony for this wedding.  Tom Pardue of Pardue Photo got a good picture of our work:

Random Wedding Week-Wednesday -Decorating Mantles

The same mantle was treated a little differently for another wedding.  This mantle is a challenge to decorate, because it is only 3 1/2 inches deep:

Random Wedding Week-Wednesday -Decorating Mantles

In another ballroom at the same hotel, photographer Charlie Darnell got this shot of the mantle with amaryllis.

Random Wedding Week-Wednesday -Decorating Mantles

The Oaks Castle has a mantle that is both deep and wide, so it takes a lot of flowers to decorate it.  The photography is by Waldorf Photographic Art:

Random Wedding Week-Wednesday -Decorating Mantles

As you can see, there are lots of ways to add flowers to a fireplace mantle.  Which one do you like best?

Pam Archer


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