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Random Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend – Revisited

By Bambileigh

I’m sure many of you that read my blog these days will have never seen this post, but it’s still one of my most popular! You can find my original post here. I originally posted this back in April 2013 – just a couple of weeks into my blogging journey!
A lot has happened since then so I thought it’d be pretty fun to see how his answers to the same questions have changed… We’ve been together for three years tomorrow, and depending on his answers that may be as far as we get!

How much do you love me and what are you willing to do in order to prove your love?
Prove my love? I put up with you…If that’s not enough, then I dunno what else I can do! :(

Not impressed with this answer! I must admit though, it’s a bit of a tough one to answer… and he does do well to put up with me.

If you ever got the chance to look like someone else, who would you choose to look like and why?
I’d look like Will Smith. Because he is HOT SHIT NOOB! xD

This is the same answer he gave before – so he must really like Will Smith! You gotta admit though…

If you ever come across a magic lamp (like in Aladdin) and you get three wishes, what would they be?
My first wish would be to find another lamp upon using my 3rd wish. Then I would give the first two to homeless people! ;)

Woah! Completely different to what he said last time! Anyone thinks he’s after a few karma points here? I’m sure he wouldn’t say no if we waved an unlimited McDonalds card under his nose…

If you became a hamster one day, would you like living in a cage or would you still want to live in your room and sleep in your bed?
OMG live in my room! Imagine putting on a suit first thing in the morning, onto your tiny hamster body! OMG a swaggy hamster – with a cane and a monocle! He could have a mini car, that goes in the road… imagine the massive traffic jam behind me! xD

I don’t think he understood the question… you’re a hamster dear – you can’t wear a suit or drive a car. This isn’t Stuart Little. I guess it’s a bit more of an imaginative answer than wanting to live in your pants drawer.

When you saw me for the first time, what did you say to yourself? Did you feel that we would end up dating each other?
You know what I thought! I knew I’d love you straight away! <3"><3"><3 I also thought “She’s weird… I like it” :)

Again, very different! To be fair, he has been saying this for a long time.

Is there any other name you would like to be known by other than the one your parents have given you?
I would like to be known as Lord. That is all. Everyone would refer to me as Lord. Saying that, please refer to me as lord moving forward.

What happened to Pete?

If the house was on fire, would you save me or your PC?
You or my pc? I would grab you, but as long as you agreed to bring half of the parts of my pc ;) I would bring the other parts…I think that is a good deal. However, if you would not like to participate, please leave the entrance clear, as I may be in a rush :) Thanks.

I changed the question to ‘PC’ from ‘xbox’ and the answer seems to have changed dramtically… at least it looks as if I’ll still be saved.

Would you still love me if I shaved all my hair off and tattooed my whole head and face?
No. No I would not. I would let you love me. That is as close as it gets…
No im kidding! I would love the shit out of you still! <3"><3"><3 I’d permanent marker some hair back on whilst you slept though. I don’t want no baldy in my bed!

 A much better answer than before!

I think he’s done slightly better this time around… he may still have earned an elbow in the ribs for the PC/Me question though!

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