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Random Bits, Home, Moving, Etc

By Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor
So I am moving in May, but I think I may be in denial because I keep purchasing things to decorate the house we live in now. I've stayed away from our room and children's rooms, though. I will not decorate those until we move.
 Everyone's whose lived at the place we're going to next, is recommending that we all stay on base. I'm not sure why the military keeps base housing so under wraps. Finding out what we're in for is like pulling teeth. I finally did find something on YouTube  If we live on post, I will definitely take pictures and blog about it just in case someone else is contemplating living on base. You should guess our location by looking at the video. Here's what we may be in for. I love the kitchen and dining area a lot. I've looked at the homes off base and they are sooooo gorgeous to me. I can not wait to find home

Also I found this site to help make it cozy.
I am excited to share that I got As in my classes last session. I worked hard. And it makes me feel a tad less guilty that I hadn't been able to spends as much time with the kids over the session. I expressed this guilt to my mom and husband. And they told me it's good for them to see mom working on bettering her and their future. I also feel a bit of pressure to maintain As. But, if I don't get As and pass all of my classes, I will be happy that I am brave enough to pursue this with two children at home with me. Studying and doing reading assignments is a bit challenging. But I get it done. I also love challenges as they push me to do the best I can in all aspects of my life. This semester, I'm going to be brave and take my required Speech class. I am one of the most nervous and anxious people I know. I wanted to get this over with. I'm also taking Anthropology which should be interesting. I am looking forward to meeting new people. I didn't really get chummy with anyone last session will probably have to with this speech class.
All three of my children know how to use the computer quite well. They all love YouTube  They only watch kiddies stuff, but my 3 year old has an obsession with butts. Last summer, he discovered butt videos on YouTube on my phone and favorited one (how i found out) it was so funny and disturbing.
Random Bits, Home, Moving, etc
 He was so embarrassed and never did it again. He just watches trains and mario on the computer.
The best thing any mom, anyone really can get is a house cleaner. We have one come once a week. It really saves my sanity. And it's not expensive. someone to clean the toilet, the windows and floors so I don't have to is well worth it!!!

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