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Rambocelli, the Singing Hero!

By Kali Jay @chicmeparis

Rambocelli, the singing hero! 
Guess what? Another rescue, another story. This time the protagonist is the little guy portrayed above, doesn't he look like a smart scamp? :) Well, he got almost eaten by my mother's dog Trudy. My mom was walking when she saw that Trudy caught something with her mouth. So my mom realized she was trying to eat that poor tiny creature and made her spit it. The small bird looked dead already, but suddenly he started to sing so aloud to make everyone aware he was good :) My mother took him home and tried to feed him, without any great result (he was probably only a few weeks old). I had to give him a name as I always do, to remember him forever: Rambocelli (Rambo because he is a hero, Bocelli because he was singing all the time!). He stayed at home for just one day, because the day after my mom placed him on the balcony and his mother came to pick him up, for real. That's why we opened the cage and he quickly flew on a tree. He has been lucky and I've been lucky to be part of this new rescue :) 

Rambocelli, the singing hero! 

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