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Quick & Healthy Breakfast

By Rosvitha @RosvithaP


Just one slice of bread and a little bit of creamy spread is enough for a “Good Morning” meal. You have to start your day with something that you urge for in order to avoid eating it for dessert

When the sun comes out and your garden flowers open, sit on a comfortable chair and enjoy in every bite of this extremely delicious and healthy breakfast. You can enrich it with a glass of milk or a glass of orange juice – as you wish.

Quick & Healthy Breakfast

Ingredients for this Healthy breakfast

  • 1 small slice of bread – not more
  • 1 tbsp of Nutella or some other spread you urge for

Cream the spread on the bread and take it out to the garden. Don’t forget a glass of water or milk or orange juice and your breakfast is ready to be eaten.

Quick & Healthy Breakfast

Small portion of anything is healthy and your body likes when it gets everything in small amounts. Then your organism can function in a best way and for a long time.

Give a “Hurray” for a long life ahead of us.


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