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Quick and Painless

By Chocolateandoranges

The millet muffins were a hit at the chili cookoff today, I even got asked for the recipe!
Tonight was my monthly HOA meeting.  Usually I eat beforehand but I didn't get a chance tonight.  The meeting went longer than usual and I was STARVING by the time I got back to my place.  I wanted something super quick!
I had a can of pinto beans open from making veggie burgers yesterday that I needed to use up and some leftover kale.  So my solution was what I'll call beans, egg & greens tostada.  I put pinto beans with some cheese and hot sauce on a whole wheat tortilla and topped with steamed kale and a fried egg.  Pretty good for a random assortment of things!  I think the cheese helped, cheese always helps. :)
quick and painless
Served with my usual spinach and fruit salad, which was topped with not the usual fig balsamic vinegar but my new homemade balsamic glaze (+ honey)!
quick and painless

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