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Quarantine Times - Stay Home Stay Safe!

By Natasha Bhatt
Hi everyone,I hope you all are safe, sound and healthy in your respective homes due to the Corona virus pandemic going on. Well where do I begin and what to say?? For starters it has been the 13th day at home for me as on 1/4/2020. I stay with my parents and my mother being a diabetic we  wouldn't want her to go out for obvious reasons hence only my dad is the one who gets out only for grocery.Quarantine Times - Stay Home Stay Safe!

As so many days have passed by I only feel restless that I cannot go out and enjoy life like before but then its selfish to do so as we  do not want the virus to spread and let it blow out of proportion. I also think about the doctors, nurses and all those in the health department and what they might be going through mentally while also being potentially at major risk of getting infected. Being a Christian we do pray everyday for those affected and all the health professionals. Have you done that yet? Well you must too.I have been working from home from last 7 years and I am not someone who would go out that often but I would 2 - 3 times a week and now I do miss that freedom. Also haven't all of us realized how important it is to go out and meet people, enjoy nature etc. and what does freedom of movement means? Currently due to the 21 days lock down staying at home is going well but I feel evenings are the worst to kill time, what about you??

Now let's talk about social media - I feel in this type of a situation social media can be a boon as well as a curse. Social media is keeping us entertained with all the information, jokes and videos circulating but at the same time it also making us more anxious and restless.They say "An ideal mind is the devil's workshop" hence people are misusing social media I feel. I mean sending stupid videos about what's going on - like the bad part only makes me more angry and frustrated.Someone pinpointing about my city also can trigger my anger. If you are doing something like this just stop! Now is not the time to criticize but to be vigilant, smart, compassionate and nice to others. In conclusion I would like to say that don't pass on negativity and be nice.I have not been able to be that productive like I used to be and I wonder how people stay positive  amidst all this but I am working on my  content and hopefully will keep my blog & YouTube going. For me the future gives me anxiety but then I believe in Carpe Diem! Also I believe things will get better for me emotionally, career wise and personally as well. Being positive is the only option I got.Being in quarantine has made me understand & value things a lot - family, relationships, money, freedom etc and I know it will make you and me  a different person after all this is over hopefully. So till the time things get normal hopefully soon just #StayHomeStaySafeDo share your experiences and thoughts down below as to how you feel during this quarantine, would love to know.Thank you for  reading my blog. I am on Instagram & YouTube too - video linked belowUntil next time.. Take care xoxoNatasha

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