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Putting Ideas Together V: Any Fule Kno That

By Superconductor @ppelkonen
Today's entry is a tribute to the late Jon Lord. 

Putting Ideas Together V: Any Fule Kno That

Deep Purple Rock.

"My latest piece begins with a rather extended 'idea-tone', before digitally transforming the existing orchestral material into a more post-serially-post-Stockhausen state, a process I term 'flowingly-aleatoric-experiencing'. I was first introduced to the concept of 'melodically-improvisatory technique-semitones' last year, and it has allowed me a greater depth of transcriptions, especially whilst studying the ultimate meaning.  Unlike traditional intervals, I aim to develop notions, including a highly structured expression that composes all notions of distorted inventions. Recently, I have started to embrace iso-rhythms as a strongly-symbolic alternative to established forms of asymmetrical continuity-phenomena, which has made my work operatically polyphonic.  All composers should integrate a variety of performances, and (if this re-bars contrapuntal silences), proceed to incorporate eclecticism until the best result is achieved. The juxtaposition and creating of contrasting progressive dissonances dominates much of my work, and I have an avid interest in mixing the textual with the collaborative, the intra-polytonal with the absolute, and the binary with the structured." --From the Contemporary Classical Composer's Bullshit Generator.

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