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Putin Obama Cartoons Fill the Internet

By Mendeleyeev

Social media can be an amazing force. Here is just a few of the best we’ve seen in the past couple of days.

Putin Obama chess cartoon

Putin obama mouse cartoon

putin obama syria

We’ll bring more as warranted.

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By Olga Williams
posted on 26 September at 21:09

I think Putin is a LOW as a person can get! Sending arms to Syria while preventing any interference (as he calls it) to end this horrific was in Syria by imposing Vetos at every resolution submitted by the International Community. He is the reason this war has escalated as it has, then to condemn other countries for supplying weapons when he does? Is he NUTS? He's got the blood of innocent Syrians on his hands as much as his ally, president of Syrian regime, Al-Assad. He's despicable~