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Put a Smile on Your Face......

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity

As I am sitting here smiling for no good reason the song Put a Smile on your face came to mind......Put a Smile on Your Face......While growing up my father always said “Smile Girl you look mean”, I always thought to myself well daddy I am just sitting here what is there to smile at?  Have any shiners ever felt that way?  Have you ever had a person just walk pass you and say “hey smile”?  I wonder why so many like I get that reaction.  Well, I noticed that a smile could go a long way.  I clearly understand many days things are not going our way, forgot something, or may have gotten some bad news.  My thing is shiners from infancy our smiles have been so cute, bright, and full of life. Being as though we had no clue what we were smiling at we still did it and for no reason at all.  Why must we stop this today??  Well, once again it is time to change things a little around here.  I love to smile and that is just what I will do.  I want to smile just because, for no good reason at all and it be alright.  I want people to say why are you smiling and I want to say no reason.  (LOL)  But to be honest there are so many reasons to smile such as being alive to see another day, to meet new people, to help someone in need, love, no drama, a raise, finding money (hey I like this one), new life, even a passing.  Yes, even a passing of a person we love dearly.  We are not actually smiling that they have passed but that they are no longer suffering from an illness, pain, or living life miserable.  For all who have children or (little nieces/nephews, grandchildren) to see your child’s innocent smile should make you smile, that means they are happy for whatever reason, don’t ask them why they are smiling, it should not warrant an explanation just let it shine bright and bring an abundance of warmth.  Look at old photos that you have not seen in a while, let the great memories form a smile on your face.  Bump into an old friend that you have not seen in years bring a smile to your face.  Let a babies coos make you smile, read a good morning text message/email/phone call from someone special or as we are all doing these days blogging and reading blogs, let these things bring a smile to your face.
Put a Smile on Your Face......
We are all in this world together and with so many people let your smile stand out from the rest. Hey, you never know, your smile the one that you are flashing -just because-for no reason may calm someone, brighten someone’s day, or make him or her just want to smile for no reason just like you.
  So let all of your wonderful smiles rain down on the world….it will make it a better place!!! Put a Smile on Your Face......
Smiling for no good reason at all,
Ms. Positivity

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