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Puppet Fun

By Ddmacker1 @creativideee

Phew what a busy few weeks… life has been insane… alas I need to have more fun! :)

I have dubbed today “IMAGINATIVE Monday” and I have decided to upload 2 new crafts today. I am going to try and devote this week to imaginative fun… starting with some puppet Creatividee. So Moms and teachers watch this space for ideas and inspiration to stimulate imaginative thinking… who said only Barney can use his imagination?

So here we go… I have tried and tested this toilet roll puppet idea.

What I love about making puppets and puppet shows is that children are able to have endless hours of fun. The fun of making the puppets and then using them to create endless stories. I remember being in Sunday school and all the bible stories being narrated in this way. I would sit there as a young dee fascinated and captivated by all the characters, wondering how they are able to speak and where exactly my teacher had disappeared to?

This fascination has transpired into me wanting to make this myself. For hours of fun I recommend this activity for the whole family.

I am going to add some more ideas on puppetry and home theater fun so watch this space…Hows about you try this at home in the interim?

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Puppet fun

Oh my bird...this is fun!

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