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Pupdate #4 – Walkies and PawsomeBox

By Hhepton

DSC_2910edit DSC_2913edit DSC_2938edit DSC_3151editWhen it comes to posting photos of Rufus I find myself really struggling to narrow down which ones to use, purely because I think he is the cutest dog in the world and I love how much of a poser he is! These ones range from 11 – 13 weeks, and he really is getting scruffier and more raggy every single day.

He can go out for proper walks now which are certainly a chuckle. He is going through a stage at the minute where depending on the time of day he isn’t really keen on walks, and likes to lie on the floor staring at me. The more I try and coax him along, the more he flattens himself to floor and refuses to budge! It’s getting to the point where I’m getting advice shouted at me from people in gardens ha! It’s weird though because other times he absolutely loves them and trots along beside me nicely, I think he’s just a stubborn little puppy who might be on the lazy side. He has had his first trip to the park too, we went with Becca and her dog Poppy, a gorgeous black labrador, to a really big park near where we live and Rufus absolutely loved it. It was hilarious he was literally jumping in front of Poppy’s face trying to get her attention but she wasn’t really interested. In the park he had his first try off the lead too which was absolutely terrifying, but it turns out he isn’t that bad and was quite good at coming back when I called him. Overall I’m really happy with how he is out on walks, he is so friendly with people at dogs, even if sometimes he does have a little bark when he is over excited.

Training is going so well too, he can nearly lie down without me actually putting my hand to the floor and I can’t even remember the last time he had an accident in the house… result!

DSC_3152edit DSC_3156edit DSC_3158edot DSC_3168editAnother thing I want to mention in this week’s Pupdate is a website called Pawsomebox*, a monthly subscription service where you get a box sent to your door filled with lovely treats for your pooch! Think beauty boxes, but in my opinion much better. I’ve never been into beauty boxes as I just don’t think they are worth it, but from as little as £15 per month I definitely think these ones are. Each Pawsomebox is especially adapted to your pet as you have to fill in it’s profile, giving the age, sex breed, size etc. so they can send you items that your doggie will love! Rufus got his own box to try out (note – his name was actually on the box to be delivered to him, I died of cuteness), and I think he definitely loved what was inside. A squeaky toy which when you squeak a chicken pops up, a bag of yummy banana flavoured treats, a high frequency whistle, a rubber dental bone, a toothbrush with toothpaste and an 8in1 bone that he has already had as we used it to distract him whilst putting the marquee up for my birthday! I haven’t actually tried the toothbrush with him yet as he’s still teething so he will eat it if I don’t catch him when he’s sleepy, but everything else he loves. I’ve had a look through past boxes too which you can see here, and I really think the are all worth it.. I bet we all spend this much on our dogs monthly anyway! Definitely go and check them out if you have a dog, if I can fit it in to my student budget later this year I think I may subscribe for Rufus as his Christmas present haha!

If you fancy trying the PawsomeBox out for yourself use the form below and you could win a free box!

Lastly, I just want to mention the terrible, terrible incident that happened at Manchester Dogs Home last night. It breaks my heart to even talk about it but some awful person set a fire causing nearly 60 dogs to die, and 150 needed to be urgently rehomed. I could barely sleep as I spent the whole night thinking about it and I was in such a state, and I’m still a bit teary now talking about it or seeing it on the news, but to see that over £500,000 has been raised so far to help them has really restored my faith in human beings. If you would like to support you can donate here, and even if you aren’t a dog lover please help in any little way that you can as they sadly can’t help themselves. Thank you x

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