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Getting Craft at #HilarysCrafternoon

By Hhepton
Getting Craft at #HilarysCrafternoon

I think it’s safe to say, I am not the most crafty lady in the world. As a scientist-in-training I just don’t think it’s in my nature, and to be honest I’m quite happy keeping everything simple in different shades of black, white and gray. However that all changed not long ago when I spent the afternoon with some other lovely North East Bloggers at the Jazz cafe in Newcastle, making a couple of crafty bits and pieces using the lovely new fabrics from Hilary’s Blinds with the ladies from The Crafty Hen on hand to help.

As far as blog events go, this one has to be up there with one of the most fun I’ve been to. It was so nice to be able to get stuck in and actually do something, using the new fabrics rather than just looking at them! We made our very own re-useable notebook and little bird, although mine did actually look more like a seal as my mam liked to point out. There were a few fabrics to choose from, all in beautiful patterns, but in the end I went with a kind of green coloured one with a leaf pattern on it, choosing what can only be described as the world’s cutest buttons to decorate. Everyone else’s looked rather chic and stylish, whereas mine looked like it was made by a primary school child, but it was cute so you know… I was pleased! (However cute the finished product was, my stitching was definitely pretty questionable).

Throughout the afternoon we got to chat with each other, drink tea and eat biscuits – what blogger doesn’t love that? And of course get to meet the lovely Joe Blogs team! It was a really fun afternoon and I hope we get to see more events like this in the North East in the future, as sometimes we do start to feel a little left out up here! Don’t forget to take a peek at the post Hilary’s Blinds done about their craft roadshow as they also went to a few other places around the country! :)

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