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Pumpkin Pimped Breakfast, Reblog with Video!

By Sophies Foodie

Hey sweeties!

I reblog my lovely recipe of Pumpkin Pimped Breakfast here because I just made a photo video out to it! It was also fun & something new to do too. It is also shared on Facebook & on youtube!  Subscribe to my You tube channel HERE!!! Check it all out here:

And here is the full written recipe again, but you can follow it easily on the video itself!

This morning, I made this lovely Pumpkin Pimped Breakfast! I had some leftover fresh home-made pumpkin purée left that I needed to use up. It was just 1/4 cup. So, I made this yummy breakfast & used only 4 ingredients to make it! It is also VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE! yes! Not to mention, very delicious! :) 

Recipe: For 1 person


1 cup (274 gr) bit sweetened soy yoghurt

1/4 cup (61 gr) home-made pumpkin purée

1/8 cup (22 gr) vegan chocolate mini chips (min. 50%)

1 tablespoon chia seeds


Spoon your yoghurt into a lovely bowl. Add chia seeds & stir everything round through the yoghurt. Leave for 10 minutes. The chia seeds will soak up a bit of the yoghurt & will get a bit bigger. Add chocolate chips on top of the yoghurt-chia seed mix, evenly scattered. Finally, add all the pumpkin purée on top of the chocolate chips & with help of a spoon, spoon it through the top of the yoghurt mix. Enjoy with a big smile on your face! Yum!  :) Stay Tuned! If you liked this post & want more of them, join 1,416 email followers! Subscribe by email! It is free! 

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Pumpkin Pimped Breakfast, reblog with video!

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Pumpkin Pimped Breakfast, reblog with video!
Pumpkin Pimped Breakfast, reblog with video!

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