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Pump up Your Playlist with 14 Body Cycle Studio’s Picks

Posted on the 06 June 2014 by Health_news

Pump up your playlist with 14 body cycle studio picks

Studies have proved that playing the right playlist can help a lot when concentrating on burning calories in a gym. This is a fact that can be vouched by the fitness junkies. It has been found that playing music can reduce fatigue and cramps experienced in the muscles right after a rigorous exercise routine. Music when accompanied with exercise can bring a lot of advantages to your health goals. Addition of music with exercise proves to be as beneficial as ergogenic aid. If appropriate music does not accompany exercise routine, the results expected from the activity are not that promising.

What to look for when updating playlist?

Famous exercise instructor, Russell Carter offers tips for picking up best ways of creating a full of energy playlist.  The collection must have an eclectic combination of songs that move from fast to slow and hard to soft and also from old to new. The choice of songs on the playlist will find its impact on the energy levels that tend to waver with the speed of the songs. Passionate songs can also take energy levels to a new height. Many hardcore exercise activities like aerobics require high intensity and energy which can be maintained with the help of suitable music that keeps exercisers on their toes and keep them riding on a high wave of energy that can help in deriving excellent results from the exercise routine.

The Music Selection

The selection of music should be such that it meets the expectations and interests of all types of exercisers. There is no dearth of peppy and exciting songs that can translate passion into high energy in a gym where it is most required. Beginners can take a little slow initially but once they have settled in their class, they can step up and what best way than choosing appropriate music. Aggressive music results in perceiving aggressive approach among exercisers. The music must be such that it matches the level of the exerciser. High intensity music in the playlist helps people focusing on their strength while pushing themselves up the hill. Swag and fun-an eclectic combination must be chosen in the playlist.

Few songs perfect to be a part of the playlist

Some of the songs that must find space on the playlist are Runaway Baby which can be played along with Start it Up. The first song is by Bruno Mars while the latter is by Swizz Beats, but both create a kindling energy. Some popular songs are My Love, Sinnerman, Clique, Shot me down, Love Hate thing, Tambourine, Galvanize, Drunk on Love, Proud Mary, express yourself, and more. Each and every song is unique in itself and can help in focusing energy where it is most required

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