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Public Transport Tales: The Chav

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
A few days ago i was sat on the bus, (i have found that public transport is a great window into the lives of many people) and the typical chav music started playing very loud from the back of the bus, this was annoying as I had just come away from a stressful meeting and wanted some piece and quiet, but I had to laugh when his phone went off with the most embarrassing ringtone in the world... As he realise his music cut off he tried to grab his phone from the seat and answer it before it rang but he knocked the phone on the floor, as the ringtone started to play everybody turned to see him scramble to the floor looking for the phone while the ring tone got louder and louder... And they all turned to find him wedged under a bus seat grasping a phone playing a ringtone of a woman moaning and screaming "Harder... Harder.. oh yes"
But the story gets better as he managed to grab the phone and answer it the words that followed were greatest "oh mum why did you have to ring me you know I am on the bus why do you have to moan and scream at me all the time..."
Nearly everybody started to laugh, he realised what he had said, with that he cancelled the call and stormed off the bus.. leaving us all laughing to ourselves...
Thanks for reading...
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