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Public Transport Tales: Hot & Cold

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
Sat on the bus again and it has just started to turn cold ready for winter, the bus is old and doesn't sound as healthy as it should and the regular people have turned up to use the bus, so as the bus driver gets ready to embark the old lady at the front pipes up are you putting the heater on it is too cold, reason 1 you are sat at the front near the door, reason 2 the bus heater has not worked for the past few months on this this bus so chances are it won't work now, about 20min later everybody at the front of the bus is still cold and the people at the back feel like burnt toast, when asked if she would like to move in to the warmth the woman replied:
"no thank you I have been sat here for the past 20mins and my house is colder than this because of David camaron tax cuts I will just have to get use to the winter, we all will.."
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