PTE (Academic): Skills Assessment

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In PTE there are total 10 skills which are assessed on the scale of 10-90, where 10 is for the worst and 90 for the best. These 10 skills are subdivided into two categories: Communicative Skills and Enabling Skills.

Communicative Skills                ·   Listening                 ·   Reading                ·   Speaking                ·   Writing 
Enabling Skills               ·   Grammar               ·   Oral Fluency               ·   Pronunciation               ·   Spelling               ·   Vocabulary               ·   Written Discourse

Here, enabling skills only assess the performance in speaking and writing.
Do you know, there are many item types in PTE in which multiple skills are assessed?Yes, it is true, there are a number of item types in PTE in which the multiple skills are assessed, in other words, those item types are linked with two or three modules. In simpler words, they will add scores into the score of other communicative skills, hence, will uplift your score in individual parts.Those item types are as follows:

Item Types Skills Assessed


  •         Read aloud

Speaking, Reading, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation

  •         Repeat the sentence

Speaking, Listening, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation

  •         Describe the image

Speaking, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation

  •         Re-tell a lecture

Speaking, Listening, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation

  •        Answer short questions

Speaking, Listening, vocabulary


  •        Summarize the written text

Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary

  •        Writing Essay

Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Written Discourse, Spelling


  •        Multiple choice questions: (choose single answer)


  •        Multiple Choice Questions: Choose Multiple answers


  •        Re-order the paragraph


  •       Reading: Fill in the blanks


  •       Reading and writing: Fill in the blanks

Reading, Writing


  •        Summarize the spoken text

Listening, Writing, Grammar, Written Discourse, Spelling,

  •        Multiple Choice Questions- Choose Multiple answers


  •        Fill in the blanks

Listening, Writing

  •        Highlight the correct summary

Listening, Reading

  •        Multiple Choice Questions: Choose Single Answer


  •        Select Missing Words


  •        Highlight the incorrect words

Listening, Reading

  •        Write from dictation

Listening, Writing

The misconceptionSince PTE is quite a flexible test and its approach to answers are quite easy, so, some candidates misinterpret things about the assessment.
For example, writing:   The first writing task is Summarize the Written Text, in which the test taker has to type a summary of the given text using one sentences and between 5 to 75 words. There are 7 marks for each summary and they are segregated as :
Form: 1 (Should be in a single sentence and within the word limit)Content: 2 (How effectively the main ideas are chosen)Grammar: 2 (Correct sentence frame)Spelling: 2
Now a few students have the misconception that ‘if they will write the summary by using two or more sentences, they will lose marks only of the Form and rest of the 6 marks will be credited to them’. Well, unfortunately, it is a MISCONCEPTION. If the summary is in two or more sentences, the task will be counted as invalid, and no score based on any skills would be rewarded. However, with a word limit, this is not the case. It you exceed the word limit, there would be a penalty but the other elements will still be evaluated. Hence, don’t fall prey to such misconceptions and misguidance. Understand the scoring while preparing for the test.
PTE (Academic):  Skills Assessment

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