How to Prepare PTE Test Online

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How to Prepare for PTE Test Online

The first step you have to follow is Choose a wide range of PTE practice materials to get ready for PTE Academics. Choose wisely by following all guidelines while you choose for Online Preparation of PTE Practice Tests

Scored Practice Test

For the best PTE Test Preparation, try online Scored Practice Test. This not only familiar with your PTE Academic, but it indicates how you have to perform in PTE Academics. It gives you a sign of how you perform in PTE Academic. This online preparation is a computer-based test, in which you have to sit three to four hours in front of the computer, which improves your time management and set realistic expectations of your potential in PTE Academics.

What you have to do before starting an online practice test?

  •          Find out your target score which you can achieve on the Global Scale of English.
  •      Find your scores in Sub-skills for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
  •        Familiar Yourself with PTE Test Format.
  •       Make sure you are completely ready for taking this computerized test.  

PTE Modules:

   Speaking and Writing   Reading   Listening (A)   Speaking and Writing:Speaking and Writing has the following type of Questions:
  •          Personal Introduction
  •          Read Aloud
  •      Repeat a Sentence
  •      Describe Image
  •      Re-tell Lecture
  •      Answer Short Questions
  •     Summarize Written text
  •     Essay

How to prepare above all these questions?

  1. Personal Introduction:You have to prepare this question by own also. Because this is the first and foremost step you have to follow while preparing or the PTE Academics. A personal introduction is an opportunity to introduce yourself in front of you. While you preparing, make sure that you speak loudly in front of an organization. Speak exactly every word because there is no need to rush. Because on the time of the exam, the prompt given to you, for reading that prompt you have just 25 seconds. And 30 seconds for your response. Similarly, when you practice online, the prompt you see on the screen is for 25 seconds, after 25 seconds, it automatically recorded your response after 25 seconds. So be quick and speak exactly.
  2. Read Aloud: You see that the recording box displays a countdown until you do not open the microphone. For this, you have just 30-40 seconds to prepare or normally it depends on the length of the passage. When 40 seconds complete, you hear a small beep in your headphone. After that beep, you have to start speaking immediately and make sure you have to read aloud that your voice records exact and properly. Don’t start speaking until your microphone is not open because your voice is not recorded on that point. You have to Finish your speaking before the bar reaches to end and changes to completed or finished. While you preparing one thing you have to remember (as a tip) If you remain silent for more than three seconds then your recording will be stopped and you can’t record your voice again.
  3. Repeat sentence:It is clearly derived from the word “Repeat the sentence” that the sentence or one or two-sentence is given to you and you have to repeat that sentence. For preparation, you have to give just 3-9 seconds depending on the length of a sentence or in that time you will observe the typical words and the accents, in which you have to speak. After prompt duration time, there is a short tone, after that tone you have to repeat the sentence immediately. You have to speak exactly because there is no need to rush. You have to completed the sentence before the progress bar changes into finished.
  4. Describe Images: The next type of question is to Describe images in which you see an image which you have to describe. You have given just 25 seconds to prepare that image in 25 seconds, you have to see what is the type of image and according to that, you have to speak in English. After completion of your Preparation time, you hear a tone, after that tone, speak immediately. Speak clearly because there is no need to rush in all words.
  5. Re-tell lecture: On the computer screen, you see audio in this section. When this question turns, it plays automatically. You may see an image related to audio. After finishing of audio, you have 10 seconds to prepare. After 10 seconds you hear a tone after that tone speaks immediately because progress bar changes into recorded. You have to describe in your own words. Finish your speaking before the progress bar reaches to the end. One tip for you: you are provided with an erasable note board to take notes.
  6. Answer Short Questions:Your task is firstly you have to listen to the question and then answer in one word or few words. While you Preparing, you see that audio begins to play automatically or you may see an image instead of a question. In this, you don’t hear any short tone. When the audio finishes, the microphone automatically shows recorded and you have to give the answer to that question with one or a few words. Speak Immediately but clear. There is no need to rush. One thing you have to remember that you play the audio-only once.
  7. Summarize Written Text:Your task is after reading a text, you have to write the one sentence as a summary of the passage. You have an exact 10 minutes to write your summary. Make sure the length of the word is about 75 words and there is only one sentence. So when you read the text, observe the content which type of content is or what it says in that text. The preparation time is given to you according to the text length. When you making your summary, you can use the cut, copy or paste in the Word.
  8. Essay: You have to write an essay of about 200-300 words on a given topic. The time given to you is just 20 minutes and you have to write an essay. The maximum length of the topic is 300 words or the minimum length is 200 words. While you write your essay, you can use Cut, Copy and Paste option from the word to make your response.
(B)  Reading: In this section, you will be tested on your Reading Skills. This single timed section contains 15-20 independent skills items in a given test. Because PTE Academic is integrated into which this part also assesses writing skills.Following types of questions assessed by Reading Module:1.   Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks2.   Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer3.   Re-order Paragraphs4.   Fill in the Blanks5.   Multiple choices, Single Answer
  1. Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks: In this session, your task is you have to fill in the blanks. You see some text appear on the screen with so many gaps. You have to fill that gap by dragging the suitable word from the hints given below. You have to prepare by firstly you have to read the whole passage with whole concentration and write the suitable words in the gap.
  2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer: After reading the passage, you have to answer multiple-choice questions on the content by selecting a suitable answer. This is not like that if you click the answer and if you want to change it doesn’t change. If your mind changes, you want to change the answer, then you have to click the left button and then dis selects the option you want to change and write the correct answer. The Answer you selected is highlighted in yellow color.
  3. Re-Order Paragraphs: You see many text boxes on the screen. Your task is to rearrange all boxes incorrect order. For this type, you need to restore the original order of text by selecting all the text boxes and drag the boxes across the screen.

How you can Move the Text?

·        You have to click the button on a box the box highlighted in blue color hold that box with your left mouse button and place it on the desired option.·  Click the left button on the box to select it, then left-click on the right and left arrows to move across.·  If you want to de-select the box, then left-click on anywhere on the screen.
(C) Listening: Listening consists of such type of questions that are based on audio or video clips which play automatically. You hear each clip only once so you have to listen carefully. You will be provided with an erasable note board to make notes.For each question of this section, you have an opportunity to adjust the volume of Audio or Video. Following types of questions arise in the Listening Module:1.   Summarize spoken text2.   Multiple choices, Multiple Answer3.   Fill in the Blanks4.   Multiple Choice, Single Answer5.   Select Missing Word6.   Write from Dictation7.   Highlight Incorrect words8.   Highlight Correct summary
  1. Summarize Spoken Text:In this section, you have to write a summary of about 50-70 words after listening to the audio. The listening is about 60-90 seconds and you have to listen very carefully because it will be played only once. After you listen, you have just 10 seconds and you have to write a summary of about 50-70 words. Make sure the length is not more than 70 words.
  2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer:In this, you have to answer the multiple-choice questions by selecting Multiple Answers. The options you select are highlighted in yellow color. If you want to dis-select the option which you select previously, then click on the answer by the left button and it will be removed and you will write a suitable answer in that place.
  3. Fill in the Blanks: It is usually you have to fill the gaps by typing the word. There is a listening section you see on the screen with several gaps. After listening to the recording, type the missing word. While Audio is playing, you are provided with an erasable note board for making notes.
  4. Highlight Correct Summary:After listening to the recording, you have to choose the correct paragraph that is suitable for recording. The skills assessed in this is Reading and Writing. You see several possible responses summarize the recording but the answer is correct one. One tip for you:It might be difficult for everyone that you have to listen and read at the same time. So you firstly listen properly and then make notes on the erasable note board and then read summaries or choose the correct option.
  5. Multiple choices, Single Answer:In this after listening to the recording, you have to answer the multiple-choice questions and the answer is just one. The skill Assessed in this is Listening. The option you select is highlighted in yellow color.
  6. Select Missing Words:After listening to the recording, you have to select the missing word that completes the recording from the list of options or hints provided in the drop-down box. The skill Assessed in this is Listening. There are so many possible choices but the answer is only one. The option you selected is highlighted in yellow color.
  7. Highlight Incorrect Words:In the computer screen, you see the script of recording. While listening, identify the words that differ from the script or what is said in listening. For this, you are provided with a transcript of listening, however, that script contains too many errors. While listening to the recording or reading the script, you need to select the words that differ from what the recording says.
  8. Write from Dictation:After listening to the recording, you have to write the sentence into the response box at the bottom of the screen.While the recording is playing, you are provided with an erasable note board to make notes. Make sure the spelling must be correct.
The above same criteria are in the PTE Test Environment. so if you prepare according to the above criteria, then you achieve the target score in PTE Academics.



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