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Psychiatrist Day

By Survivingana @survivingana

It was so good to touch base with our psychiatrist. We missed last month and even I notice just how grounding it is to walk in there. She is thrilled with what she sees in Sophie and the progress she has made.

She has also said that all the girls from the time Sophie was in hospital are all doing well too. It is really good to know from a team perspective that everyone they have treated is on a stable path to recovery at this stage.

medication and eating disorders
We talked about the medication and she agrees. We can’t wait until the end of the year to start decreasing it. Going to Melbourne straight away after  that just opens up trouble. Despite all the gains and the stable weight, she made it clear that Sophie is still considered high risk next year, when she leaves home. The plan is to try to reduce some of the risk and put in place plans to keep her safe.

So after Japan we will start to decrease the olanzapine replacing it slowly with a natural melatonin tablet. It will take several months to do it right with no side effects. The anti-depressant will stay for at least another 18 months, as it is designed for anxiety. Our psychiatrist also said she would continue to be Sophie’s doctor. Despite being over 18. That is SOOOOO good. Like wow, how many child/adolescent psychiatrist offer that. So when Sophie comes home in uni holidays next year, she can see her team. One of the hardest, most scariest thing for those with eating disorders, is finding a new team and having to tell their whole story all over again to a stranger. Many of whom don’t really care enough. That is one hurdle we won’t have.

Am feeling particularly blessed. Our team is still watching her, following silently behind her and planning ahead for her. Sophie is feeling scared at coming off the olanzapine. She imagines she will go off and relapse big time, like last time. As I pointed out, she went cold turkey without telling anyone. This time it’s tightly controlled and monitored closely. She is going to be OK. Makes a big difference when you come off the medication properly.

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