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Protesting: Being Active Not an Asshole

By Refriedhippie @Refried_Hippie
Protesting: Being Active Not an AssholeProtesters, advocates, rebels, radicals - the world couldn't survive or evolve without the effort of courageous groups fighting for their beliefs. I've been to a few rallies. I walked the streets of Asheville topless with the "Go Topless" tribe last summer. I've also been to multiple Pride parades and random protests throughout the area. They are always fun, always liberating and always disputed. When participating in a protests - whether large or small - it's important to accept that you will be faced by other groups that are protesting your protest.
The worst feeling is being faced by oppressors. The old preacher who's damning you to hell for enjoying gay sex. You're out there, speaking your mind, exercising your right to free speech. And so are they. There is a great divide between the liberal and conservative view points. Where acceptance and tolerance are ridiculed and exclusivity is deemed necessary.
You're getting your point across. Don't be an asshole while you are doing it. Obviously there is no need for violence in American protests. We can hold up enough signs and sing loud enough, that violence just doesn't seem necessary. Respect the authorities that are there to protect everyone, from the assholes. And go into the situation with a heartfelt purpose and the goal of promoting your ideas. People can be convinced to see your side, but only if you are rational and respectful with your delivery.

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