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3 Toddler Feeding Tips

By Refriedhippie @Refried_Hippie
toddler eatingToddler's can be picky eaters. Trying new things is difficult and some children are naturally more afraid of different foods.  My child, like many 2 year olds, has a combination of foods he loves and foods that are off limits. Can't get little one to sit still and hold his interest? There are many techniques to help your toddler wade the waters into adult foods. These are 3 tips that I use on a daily basis.
1. You Can Lead A Horse To Water - No matter how many tears, shrills or stains. Children eat at their own pace and forcing them to eat like an adult is illogical. Learn to let go and realize your child will not starve to death. He won't eat carrots? Make some mashed potatoes. Compromise and be willing to change your menu plans. If you want them to eat don't offer "off limits" foods. Many children are not willing to try new things, they enjoy routine and will be happy to eat chicken nuggets 5 days a week.
2. Designated Area - It's not always easy to have a sit down family meal. But in order for children to stay focused on their food, there should be a designated eating area. Removing the high chair is natural at this stage but can cause some confusion. I suggest getting some place mats with the child's favorite character or something educational on it. This has been helpful in centering my son's attention. He likes eating on Lightning McQueen
3. Go With What You Know - I've found that it's often easiest to fix foods that the child is known to enjoy and offer similar options as sides. If all your child likes is 5 different types of foods, use those foods as a base for most meals. Wieners, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, oatmeal, bread. All of these things are great for meals. As much as you want to fix that new Pinterest recipe, you have to remember that children grow gradually, and so do their taste buds.

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