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Project Minimize 2013!

By Blushingantics @BlushingAntics
I apologize once again for my absence. As I tweeted the other day, I recently lost a close family member and I have been taking time away from the internet. But now I am back to talk about the biggest resolution I will have for 2013.
Six months ago I set out to go roughly three months without buying anything I didn't need. Well, the way I went about it was all wrong. I still ended up buying things and my collection grew. I did end up throwing out expired products and I gave away products I didn't use, but I still feel as if I have too much "stuff" lying around. So, I am creating a page (which you will find above in the navigation bar very soon) that will keep track of this little project.
I have actually noticed that a lot of people are suddenly becoming aware of how much they have spent on all of the makeup and beauty products they own and they want to change that, which I think is great! However, there isn't any "one size fits all" requirement for how much makeup any person should have because makeup has a different meaning to different people. I have fun creating new looks, but I don't do makeup on other people and I don't think my skills are at a level to where I would be comfortable using it on other people, especially for any important event. So, for one person who uses very similar makeup looks every day, I have too much. I don't want to reduce my makeup collection to the point that everything fits in a makeup bag because to be honest, I like variety... but I also don't want to have five similar taupe eye shadows, six foundations, and more than one concealer. And again, the same goes for fragrances and hair and body care.
If I do get any makeup for Christmas, I will mention that in a haul, but from this point on, I will not be buying makeup (etc) for myself. I also cancelled my monthly subscriptions to Ipsy and Birchbox. They are great concepts, but I wasn't getting enough products that I loved. I might be interested in resubscribing next year, though.
I will add more details in the corresponding page, which will be in the navigation bar for the next year... even if I fail at this resolution. I can't say for sure when the page will be up, but I will try to have it available as soon as possible?
Do you have any beauty-related resolutions for 2013?

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