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Progress. A few weeks ago we held a meeting in London with a textile guru and identified a specific biodegradable natural fabric we were interested in testing for sport applications. We have now managed to locate a few metres of this fabric in Europe, and will be making a small number of shirts to test this summer.
One of the important performance parameters for sportswear is to keep the athletes feeling dry / cool whilst exercising. This particular fabric, like many others, uses a chemical finish to achieve this. If successful in our testing, our aim is to make sport shirts available to the market with our disclosure label.
The information provided to consumers will include pay / hours garment workers and the classification of the chemicals used. We believe it will be the first time any brand has voluntarily offered this data to customers on a clothing label.

As part of our project, we will also be working with 'green' chemistry companies to develop alternative textile finishers.

To conclude, our aim is to provide a biodegradable fabric capable of keeping athletes cool / dry. And give consumers information on how the garment is manufactured and what chemicals are used.
The dominant fabric in sportswear is polyester, which sheds microplastic particles when washed, it is non-biodegradable and each synthetic sport shirt uses between 20-40 hidden chemicals.
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