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Pretty as a Jewellery Box Connecticut Home

By Fashion Addicted Foodies @fashionfoodi

Tuquoise paint

My taste in home interiors could best be describes as eclectic. I don’t often go for the run-of-the-mill-functional-white-light-wood homes. Atlanta-based interior designer Suzanne Kasler has said “a room should be collected, not decorated”. I love that ethos. Taking elements of your favorite memories or travels, or even items that you collect. Suzanne travels to Paris often and takes pictures of Parisian doorways in their glamorous colours. This ended up being the inspiration to a family home in Connecticut she designed. The almost jewel like turquoise in the hallway/dining room area is a memory from one of those Paris trips!

Sitting room

What I like about this formal sitting room, is the little pops of color. The overall color scheme of the room is quite muted ivory and cement. Gold in the furniture and the strong red and purple in the paintings add jewelry box glamour.

Sitting room 2

The doorway is used to get a glimpse of the turquoise on the dining room wall. I love how it gives character and style to the area but at the same time does not overwhelm it.

Dining room

If you said to me “I want to put turquoise walls in my home” I would probably admire your bravery and also wonder to myself how overwhelming that could be. However, in Suzanne’s designs the color is always balanced with neutral hues, so the feature color becomes a part of the whole, not the focal point.


Pretty as a picture.

family room

The focus of the family room are the Holly Hunt (the designer, not the actress!) sofas. In contract to the more formal living room, the family wanted this to be a room where you could just kick back and catch up with friends for hours. Relaxed elegance, that’s what I would call it.

family room 2

The family hired Suzanne to design their new home because her style is ”Casual and dressy, velvet and linen, new with modern.” In the family room she wanted to create a relaxed but stylish atmosphere and a way for the family to display a part of their art collection.


That wallpaper is stunning. And I absolutely love the gold bowl sinks! The dark parquet floors add sophistication.


This sitting area just screams out art deco boudoir to me, and somewhere where I would absolutely love to lounge in my silk dressing gown enjoying a cup of strong Moroccan coffee at the end of the day. The picture does not show if the room has a fireplace but if it did… I might not ever leave!

All images: Veranda

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