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PressPausePlay (Documentary)

Posted on the 24 March 2012 by Raghavmodi @raghavmodi
PressPausePlay (Documentary)
PressPausePlay is a documentary that looks at the changing impression of art all around the world over the last few years. It focuses on different aspects of this change keeping in mind the improvements in technology and how this has revolutionized arts in all its forms, be it painting, writing, acting, or music.
With technology becoming extensively mobile and its easy availability becoming more and more widespread, there has been an increase in the number of so called "artists". The documentary looks at how, in the present day and age it is easy to self publish a book or promote oneself on YouTube (or elsewhere) as an actor or a musician or in any other art.
PressPausePlay (Documentary)

With Blogging, Twitter, Facebook making everyone a mini-celebrity in their own right the documentary raises an important question of differentiating the mediocre from the talented. While this change has resulted in new discoveries in different fields of art, it has also, because of the extreme numbers, hidden true talent in-between the vast sea of mediocrity.

On a personal note, I do disagree with the notion that talent is getting sidelined because of the huge influx of mediocre or poor artists. I have always believed that just like beauty, talent too lies in the eyes or the beholder. What might be music to your ears could simply be noise for me. So who really has the right to judge talent? Keeping this in mind, if technology has given everyone of us a method and a way to express what we believe to be as our talent, then there should not be a problem with that. True talent, popular talent, will eventually crawl out of this pile of artists and eventually rise up.
PressPausePlay (Documentary)

PressPausePlay is a well made documentary with quite a few famous personalities giving their two cents worth of opinions on the progression of art in the present century. It's a documentary that encourages everyone, artist or non-artist, to go out and experiment and showcase their hidden talents.

PressPausePlay is an important documentary that should be watched by everyone who has any link whatsoever with art because it gives a hint of the “artistic” future; and asks us to be a part of it in whichever way we can.
The documentary PressPausePlay is available on Vimeo. 

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