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Prepping Your Peds!

By Ziamisra
So today on a Friday I finahhallly decided to give myself a pedicure:) Its such a luxury to be able to pamper yourself sometime and have the time to make yourself relax - I love the luxurious feel of hot water, bath salts, soaps, scents and oils on my feet; they just seem to melt the tension away and make me feel instantly refreshed! So after doing my quick pamper session, I decided to prep up my nails with my style of nail paint...only I lost patience mid way and the designs kinda turned out in a different way than I had in mind but what the hell:) - they look okay and I thought I will show you how it turned out! Prepping your peds!
So this is how I started out (yes, these are my clean feet! I am sorry but I am not the worlds best foot model so please bear with me:D) Prepping your peds!
I applied my favorite shade of nail paint which happens to be mint (this one is by Streetwear,  Revlon) and then I added some fancy smancy doodling with my eye liner (the fine tip sketch pen types).  So it would have looked like this in the end had I had the patience to wait for the designs to dry but I added the top coat sooner than required and well the designs kind of turned into those marble-y patterns you see below! But I still think it looks okay and I am going to take this as a lesson for next time (mental note!). Prepping your peds!
And so at the end, I tried on some toe rings and my favorite Indian style footwear and feel ready for the weekend that lies ahead... AaaaAah the bliss! Footwear: Mochi; Toe rings: Local shop, colaba Prepping your peds!
Prepping your peds!
Prepping your peds!
Prepping your peds!

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