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Preparing for a Wedding Abroad

By Honeymoonblogger

With weddings abroad becoming more and more popular, I think it’s about time for another post helping you deal with the logistics of them! As I’ve previously discussed, weddings abroad can be both cheaper and simpler than weddings at home, though it is very dependent on where you go and what you do while you’re there as well. You’ll still need to check a few important boxes before you go. Here’s a quick list to help you get ready and consider whether a wedding abroad is genuinely what you desire.

  1. Check out the legal information. You want to make sure you can actually get married while you’re there! You may need to do a quick ceremony in the UK and just have a ‘blessing’ once you’ve arrived, or you may need to take up residence in your chosen country for a few days before the wedding. Either way, being prepared for these eventualities will prevent nasty surprises on arrival – and a good wedding abroad planning service should let you know about them well in advance.
  2. Narrow down your guest lists. You will struggle to have a large wedding abroad. Just consider the costs of sending over 100 people on a flight; it’s fine for the wealthy amongst us, but most people simply won’t be able to afford it, even if guests pay for their own transportation. How many of your guests will politely decline your invitation after they realize it will cost them huge amounts to fly and stay for days?
  3. Preparing for a Wedding AbroadPlan your style appropriately for your destination. If you’re heading to the Caribbean for a wedding, you probably won’t wait yourself and your bridesmaids to be bogged down in layers of fabric. Personally I’d opt for a summery, casual feel with short skirts and light fabrics. I’ve seen some bridesmaid dresses by David’s Bridal in particular that would suit a beachy wedding perfectly. You might even choose to dress your bridesmaids in white to match the new trend set by the Royal Wedding – that would be perfect for a hot day in the sun – or a bright, happy yellow. Change it up depending on when and where you’re going!
  4. Make sure you enquire with your airline about storage of your dress if you have opted for a more formal wedding gown. Many airlines will allow you to carry it on with you and some will even have a garment closet, so it will be hanging up throughout the flight. Alternatively, you can ship your dress, but this can get incredibly expensive depending on the size of the box and how far it’s going.
  5. Think about a wedding planner! You can probably do everything yourself but it may not be worth the hassle. If you’re saving money on the wedding anyway, you may be surprised to find that you can actually afford a planner. They can help you find amazing local photographers, caterers, and florists should you need them, generally making sure everything runs smoothly in a place they are very familiar with. If you’ve never been to the place you’ve chosen for your dream wedding abroad, they will help you out.

What advice would you give to a couple about to get married abroad?

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