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Pregnant With Triplets ; One Mums Traumatic Story

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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Scan Picture Of The Triplets

 In August 2009 I found out I was pregnant. Nine weeks into the pregnancy I had a bleed so I went for a early scan, I was sat in the waiting room sweating and anxious thinking I had lost my baby.  After what felt like a life time I got called in for a scan and the sonographer put gel onto my stomach.

I could feel my eyes starting to fill with tears,  I knew what was going to be said next,  then all of a sudden I saw two blobs on the screen. I asked if I was having twins, then to my amazement the  sonographer turned round and said no your having triplets. I nearly died of shock . I started to laugh and cry at the same time.

I got told to keep still so she could finish scanning me, I actually found this rather difficult. I was told that my babies were doing just fine and the bleed was from outside of my womb, so wasn’t a concern .

I was also told I would have weekly scans and wouldn’t get further than 34 weeks due to the risk for me and my baby’s  From 17 weeks through to 24 weeks we sailed through the pregnancy apart from the normal over eating and heart burn and having a larger than usual bump.

Annoyingly being reminded weekly I could have them at anytime and always to expect the unexpected as we could go into labor at anytime from 20 weeks.

We had the usual steroid injections and things. I never got to listen to heart beats as the hospital said they would never know which baby they were listening too. I had frequent scans that I enjoyed, especially seeing them grow week by week.

Then at 25 weeks one of my identical twins showed signs of cord flow problems.  At first the hospital thought it was their amniotic fluid levels,  their waters were checked on, both girls  seemed fine.

Over the weeks the cord flow became more absent an intermittent then by 29 weeks I had my normal scan cord flows  checked and my little girl hadn’t grown or put weight on.  The cord flow had flat lined meaning she was getting all the oxygen she needed but was slowly starving inside me.

I had to see the consultant straight from scan that took me to Heartlands hospital in Birmingham. I was in complete shock and scared for my babies.  I then waited bout 30 minuets and had another scan that showed cord flow had came back a little but was very very absent and intermittent.  I was then taken to a ward while they made the decision for me to deliver them the following day.

I was alone and scared but knew we were in the best place, the hospital then had to make sure we had 3 incubators as we could of ended up at different hospitals. My worst fear,  but luckily we were just fine.

I don’t think I even slept that night,  it was awful then around 11:30 I got told they were prepping me for theater about 11:45.  I was, taken down,  I couldn’t believe the amount of nurses, midwives  in there, all introducing themselves  There was around 6 or more staff per baby and around 3 for me.

Amiria my eldest was born 19/02/10 at 12:12 pm weighing 2lb 4oz , followed by Kira 12:13pm 1lb 13oz and Kyran-Tye 12:14pm 2lb 11oz

I was allowed a quick look at Amiria and Kyran but they had to take Kira straight out but I had to ask to see her, it was the hardest moment of my life.  I have never in my life seen babies so tiny and fragile.  I don’t think I even expected then to be so small.

I was then sorted out and taken to the ward. I begged and begged to see my baby’s   the hospital wouldn’t allow me. I still to this day don’t know why. In the end I told them if they did not take me to see my baby’s I would take myself.  I gave them 1 hour.  Then just as I was watching Eastenders, I will never forget the moment, I was put in that wheel chair just as Stacey was chasing Bradley and just as he was about to jump, I was taken down to see my baby’s.

I was taken down to them, it was awful,  they were covered in wires c-paps, I could hardly see their faces, they went through so many different tests, so many needles being poked an prodded. They were covered in bruises, worst of all I wasn’t allowed to hold them for 3 weeks. They were always up and down.

Just as I thought they were better they would get another infection. I expressed every 2 hours to start them off with the best start, it took Kira a good 2 weeks before she was able to tolerate milk due to her little stomach getting used to slowly being starved to death, but she turned out one of the stronger of the 3 . She was able to breath with no help and was a little more stable that the other two that were on an off c-pap an ventilator.

I remember the first time I held the girls,  they kind of got swallowed by my top, they were that small.

They then became stronger and just needed to fatten up and we were all alowed home one after the other sometime in May. I am not good with dates these days but Kyran was the first, Amiria a week later and  then 2 weeks later Kira followed as she was very slow putting weight on. They kept dropping her milk due to a distended abdomen.

I managed to breastfeed all three for 26 weeks then had to stop with the girls by day but breastfed at night. Kyran was fully breastfed for 9 months. I am very proud of myself as never in my life did I ever feel I would breastfeed let alone breastfeed triplets.  Its not as hard as it sounds, I enjoyed every second I managed too.

I have had so many negative comments and silly comments from people, its now just the norm for us.  I tend to just smile and walk away, having triplets isn’t as bad or as hard as it sounds. As long as you have a strict routine and stick to it,  it can be tiring and the house gets messy but as long as my kids are happy and healthy that’s all that matters to me.

They will turn Three next month and I am very proud of all of them, they are my little fighters, they have been through so much and came out the other side, what more can a mommy ask for?

This inspirational post was written anonymously by a mom who is either a member of my Facebook mums group, a Twitter follower or has been submitted to me via email. I have full permission to share her story. If you can relate to this post and would like to share your own anonymous post please contact me. You could help us share the blogs love to helping others by sharing via the social sharing buttons.

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