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Pregnant Kate! She Can Stand!!

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback


We at Gingerfightback are thrilled to announce that Kate stood yesterday! Yes! That’s right – Stood!

As Royal watcher Dapne Cheese n’Pickle told Gfb, “She is a remarkable women. The ability to stand is so rare these days. Kate is exceptional.”

Bob Growth, Secretary of the National Standing Society, told Gfb, “Kate will put standing on the map once more. We won’t take this sitting down!” But there were less kind words from Lavinia Wet-Wipe, National Organiser for The Sitting Society who told us, “This will put the cause of sitting back many years. Already we are getting reports of Children standing for no reason! We have to stand up for sitting!”

What A Glorious Day That Was

What A Glorious Day That Was

When we revealed that the Duchess of Lovely Pure Virginity Unsullied By Carnal Desires Of Man Or Beast was a member of the Cobra Kingfisher Singh Viper Assassination Hit Squad, the ultra-secret ginger ninja hit team. So the revelation that she can stand, WITHOUT THE AID OF A SERF  will just cause a sensation around the world! And worry a lot of swarthy oreigner types.

Pregnant Kate! She Can Stand!!

She’s Great!

God Bless 'em!


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