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Pregnancy After 40 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Momatlast @momatlast

By Bimla Devi

The Good Points

Being in your early twenties and thirties pursuing a career can put any thought of motherhood on the back burner, however you have now had more time to make an impression on your career. A woman over 40 may perhaps be more ready to become a parent than say someone who has not as yet fulfilled her working ambitions. This is not to say older mum’s are any less ambitious, on the contrary, however possibly more relaxed.

Pregnancy over 40 the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Better financial security for you and your family, having had more time to carve out a career.

Another advantage contending with a pregnancy over 40 is patience, which as they say, is a virtue and one I think definitely gets better with age.

You understand the importance of time, each and every day is as precious as the next and you learn to treasure moments like this. Someone younger who just wants to live life to the max before settling down will not have the same priorities, time may not factor into their equation just as yet.

Confidence is likely to be higher, you are more your own person so being intimidated and constantly reminded that a pregnancy after 40 is not such a good thing may not affect you as much as people would probably have thought.

Being an older mom you have a greater depth of experience, more knowledge and understanding and a better perspective of life, experiences you can share which your child as they grow.

A child makes you younger.

The Bad Points

Higher monitoring levels of you and your child due to age related complications.

Being constantly reminded that you are an ‘older’ mom I do not think helps the psychology of the mother. She is well aware of her age before, during as well as after birth.

You can throw away any free time, your baby will make sure of that!

Thanking your blessings too much, perhaps you may begin to indulge your child more than you possibly should, however, improper discipline could lead to disharmony and discord later on in life, at a time you least need it.

Possibly being intimidated by younger mothers.

You are more likely to be tired, so keeping busy with a good exercise regime to look after yourself is essential. You probably may be thinking this can apply to any age, you are after all as old as you feel, however, if your body is telling you otherwise your thought pattern will soon catch up. Stay busy and active, your body will love you for it.

Possible life’s side effects are that teenagers know everything and you, well your just plain old mom.

Your social circle of friends who are similar in age may be limited, with less people to talk to this may get overwhelming at times. No one is perfect and yes, we can all do with a helpful hand now and then.

The Ugly Points

The social stigma of being an older mom which may explain why older mum’s are sadly more conscious than their younger counterparts.

Societies perception of it ‘not being normal’ for an older mom can be very damaging and limiting especially if you live in a culture where a mother who decides to have a child late in life may be frowned upon.

The embarrassment of what is in fact a very natural thing specifically only due to ones age.

Possible feelings of isolation.

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