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Prada Dupe

By Lucylovesblog @lucylovesblog
Prada dupePrada dupe
For absolutely ages I have been looking for a good dupe. As prada bags are ridiculously expensive I'd have to settle. And I personally, have no problem with knowing its fake as long as it looks as gorgeous as this one does!
I brought this off gum tree, which is an eBay-type page, but everything is 'buy it now' they do all sorts of brands with dupe bags!
But I just wanted to write about mine as I am in love with it so much! Bag fanatics will tell its fake from a mile away, but as a bag, prada or not, it's such a good size! Perfect for all my bits and pieces, an with an inner zip pocket and two big zip pockets the size of the bag which I'm pretty sure are like laptop and iPad cases, which I love being able t slot my iPad into!
Also, the size of the bag in terms of the way it looks is great too, as I'm quite small big bags often look a little strange on me, but I'm one of those people who like to carry random crap around that I don't need so this bag allows me to do that, without looking silly!
I'd go as far as to say, it's the best thing I ever brought. Ever.

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